Global Cloud Solution Provider, bodHOST, today announces it has selected as its File Sharing partner

bodHOST & Olympus

March 1, 2016 — bodHOST today announces it has chosen as its file sharing partner.  The partnership will allow bodHOST to deliver both public and managed private cloud file sharing to its customers.  Now customers will no longer have to relinquish control of their sensitive corporate data in order to enjoy the benefits and ease of use of popular file sharing applications.  Additionally, customers will have the unique opportunity to brand and resell the service as they wish.  The simplicity of the platform allows customers to implement their own private cloud within the data center of their choice, either locally on premises or in any cloud combination.

Probal DasGupta, CEO of BodHOST, commented; “bodHOST selected to offer our enterprise customers a file sharing solution that goes beyond public cloud offerings. offers detailed customization features that leverage the unique features of our cloud and give customers the ability to deploy in a private, hybrid or public implementation.  It is the best of both worlds to combine the ease of a consumer offering but with the data protection of a private cloud.

We are extremely proud to announce a highly demanded file sharing offering with bodHOST, a leading service provider to corporate customers throughout the world,” said Victoria Coniglio McKinney, CEO of  “This new file sharing service will combine bodHOST’s unique features for granular control of cloud resources with file sharing flexibility- a solution that has been unavailable in the market.  CIOs can save significant costs with bodHOST’s cloud resource management console and employees can enjoy the ease of use of consumer file sharing.

bodHOST, with Cloud Hosting companies in the United States, the United Kingdom and India, serves over 35,000 customers and employs more than 300 employees in 10 geographical locations. Representative customers include the United Nations (UNESCO), Los Alamos National Laboratory (U.S. government), Honeywell Corporation, Warner Brothers, U.K. Transport Department (U.K. government), Oxford City Council, Commonwealth Games (India 2010), the Ministry of Foreign Trade (Dubai, UAE), and other high profile organizations.

bodHOST was launched in the early 1999 as a hosting company to address the needs of the then booming web hosting world. Since then, bodHOST has been at the forefront of the hosting industry. The ever-changing dimensions and requirements of the hosting world have necessitated numerous changes & advancements. bodHOST has been able to incorporate all these successfully.

Today, operating out of New Jersey, with data centers in Chicago and Montreal, bodHOST is focused on Cloud Computing, while continuing to address the Dedicated Server and Web Hosting markets as well. Located just 25 miles south of Manhattan, and in the heart of the USA’s pharmaceutical & biotech corridor, bodHOST also offers SAP hosting to Corporate America, and is in the process of getting SAP certified as a provider of hosted SAP solutions., the industry’s leading wholesale file sharing solution, offers white label file sharing software to service providers and application owners alike on a private, hybrid or public cloud basis. Today’s enterprises and cloud providers realize there are significant gaps in the enterprise versions of popular file sharing products with respect to data sovereignty and control, as well as the migration from one cloud environment to another. addresses these problems by never requiring the customer to relinquish their data.  And as the “race to zero cost” in public cloud continues, gives customers the ability to take advantage of these savings by not being tethered to a specific cloud provided by a file sharing vendor; customers have freedom to place their workloads anywhere and even more importantly, move their workloads easily from one cloud to another to take advantage of the best market prices and ride the cloud economics cost curve.

About bodHOST:
Website URL:
Headquarters:  Edison, NJ, USA

bodHOST, established in 1999, is one of the pioneers in web hosting industry in the U.S., managing almost 2 million domains worldwide, and offering a wide range of hosting solutions, both Cloud based (eNlight, VMware, and Hyper-V platforms), as well as Traditional Hosting. BodHOST continuously innovates in technology, and its eNlight Cloud provides auto-scaling for true pay-per-consume model. The company’s latest foray is in the South American market with the establishment of a presence in Santiago, Chile.

Website URL:
Headquarters:  Los Gatos, CA, USA

For media enquiries please contact [email protected] or call +1 800 928 7560. launched in 2013 with the vision of incorporating the best of content collaboration with a simple user experience, branded by anyone and sold at wholesale. Its mission is to transform the market for file sharing and collaboration for service providers and application owners alike.   Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, and with offices in Austin, TX and India, develops modular software that can be rapidly deployed either as SaaS or on premise solution.

bodHOST Extends its Hosting Services Portfolio

Edison, New Jersey- bodHOST is pleased to announce an extension of its web hosting portfolio in the form of new managed dedicated servers that offer higher computing power, storage capacity, and redundancy at highly competitive rates.

Previously, bodHOST took an early lead in the Cloud Hosting arena through its intelligent eNlight cloud platform and continued developing complex cloud solutions that include Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud, DR-as-a-Service, Datacenter-as-a-Service, Desktop-as-a-Service, SAP Hosting, Office 365, Zimbra email hosting solutions, etc. The evolution of all these services under the bodHOST brand has well supported the company’s continual growth plans.

bodHOST is currently operating a total of 4 state-of-the-art data centers, which serve as a reliable and secure hosting site for large, medium as well as small enterprises.

“Our enterprise customers have complex environment that combines different workloads on heterogeneous systems / platforms. Beyond providing the ‘Best of Breed Solution’, we offer infrastructure simplification and automation through eNlight cloud platform, centralized to manage our services and to help these companies reap benefits from Cloud. Our interest to provide reliable traditional hosting services like Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting, Server Mirroring, Load Balancing Clusters, Shared and Reseller Hosting remains intact, but our approach to innovation is to make eNlight a universal platform for web hosting.” said Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST Ltd.

The company also included a new range of servers for high-end niche. bodHOST will be focusing on more strategic investments as a plan for long term growth. The evolution of Cloud and associated services leads the company towards integration of robust solutions like Web Server Mirroring, Network Load Balanced Servers, and Linux Load Balanced Servers. Around 70% of bodHOST’s business results come through referrals, because of the company’s ability and commitment to deliver redundant hosting solutions with uptime guarantee.

bodHOST’s new range of servers includes:

Intel Xeon E3-1230V2 3.3GHz, 4 cores, 8 threads,8 GB DDR3 RAM, 1x1000GB SATA II HDD, with 10 TB Bandwidth – starts from $219/month, equipped with hyper-threading and virtualization technology. For custom configuration – 16 GB DDR3 RAM, Hardware Firewall – Cisco ASA 5505, 5510, 2×1 TB SATA II HDD, Software RAID 1 are available customization options.

Intel Xeon E3-1270V2 HT 3.5 GHz, 4 cores, 8 threads, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 2x1000GB SATA II HDD, Software RAID1, with 10 TB Bandwidth – starts from $299/month, equipped with hyper-threading and virtualization technology. For custom configuration – 32 GB DDR3 RAM, Hardware Firewall – Cisco ASA 5505, 5510 are available customization options.

2 x Intel Xeon E5-2609  2.40GHz, 4 cores, 4 threads, 32GB DDR3 RAM, 2x1000GB SATA II HDD, software RAID 1, with 30 TB Bandwidth – starts from $449/month, equipped with hyper-threading, virtualization, demand based switching, and thermal monitoring technologies. For custom configuration – 64 GB DDR3 RAM, 3×1 TB SATA III HDD, Hardware RAID 1/5, Hardware Firewall – Cisco ASA 5505, 5510 are available customization options.

2 x Intel Xeon E5-2620 2.0GHz, 6 cores, 12 threads, 64GB DDR3 RAM, 2x1000GB SATA II, Software RAID 1, with 30 TB Bandwidth – starts from $589/month, equipped with hyper-threading, virtualization, demand based switching, and thermal monitoring technologies. For custom configuration – 128 GB DDR3 RAM, HDD – 2×120 GB SSD, 3X1 TB SATA III, 4X1 TB SATA III, 2×2 TB SATA III, Hardware RAID 1/5/10, Hardware Firewall – Cisco ASA 5505, 5510 are available customization options.

With the addition of the latest hardware, bodHOST intends to strengthen its leading position in the field of high-performance hosting solution providers. And beyond all these changes, the main achievement for the company is the consistent increase in satisfaction levels of its customers.

Disclaimer: The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

bodHOST Ltd. aims to make eNlight Cloud a universal Web Hosting platform

“We will not stop the pace of innovation in eNlight Cloud. We want to see it as a universal platform for web hosting” – Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST

Edison, New Jersey – bodHOST Ltd., plans to focus more on eNlight Cloud in 2014 and willing to increase our reach globally to as many users as possible. We recognize the importance of the fact that online businesses have to keep looking for cost effective solutions without compromising on the quality of service and eNlight Cloud is capable of addressing this concern.

eNlight Cloud based virtual machines represent an ideal environment for users with businesses that require an online presence. Similar to a dedicated server environment, users can install a control panel such as Plesk or cPanel for easy website management and also retain complete control over their server environment with administrator privileges. On the other hand, their end users / customers can enjoy the speed, reliability and scalability offered by eNlight Cloud. Should any website hosted on eNlight Cloud VM require more resources or experience spikes in load, this wouldn’t have any impact on the performance of VM as it would scale the resources in proportion to the required amount of resources and charge only according to the duration of usage.

The promising nature of eNlight cloud makes it a real alternative to traditional hosting solutions such as virtual private servers. Due to the restrictive nature of the traditional hosting plans, real-time resource scaling and cost optimization are never available as an option, however eNlight Cloud is a viable alternative that addresses these restrictions. With pre-defined limits on resources in traditional hosting, upgrade by paying extra is the only choice whereas with eNlight Cloud, the resources scale up and down in proportion to the demand. Websites and applications ideally suited for eNlight Cloud include:

  • A website that receives occasional traffic, for example, when new products or services are announced.
  • Applications and websites where usage can vary on hourly, daily or weekly basis.
  • A website that receives short but sudden spikes in traffic.

Any of the above websites may experience performance bottlenecks or outage in such scenarios if hosted on a traditional hosting platform. Whilst eNlight can help with improving the performance and speed at which web pages are served to visitors, the platform lets users achieve this at a cost that is much more realistic for small businesses.

If you are currently using a traditional hosting solution like VPS for your website and related services, then eNlight Cloud could be the perfect solution to let you expand your internet presence. With auto-scaling Virtual Machines and a cost: resources predictor tool that lets you predict costs based on your anticipated usage, eNlight represents a solution that saves money whilst offering a more powerful hosting service without compromising on uptime or security”, said James Anderson of bodHOST Ltd.

To know more about what is Cloud? How does cloud computing help us? What are the different types of clouds? Check this – Demystifying Cloud Computing, shared by Probal DasGupta, CEO at

bodHOST impresses cloud community with eNlight auto-scaling


29 Jan 2014 – Edison, New Jersey – bodHOST a technology leader in the hosting industry today officially revealed more details about its eNlight cloud auto-scaling service to show its commitment towards delivering flexible cloud based services.

“eNlight cloud has been in the market for some time, and has had very good success. We have come across a number of prospects asking for more details about its auto-scaling ability, a key feature of eNlight. I wanted to take some time explaining how eNlight works and the benefits users can derive through auto-scaling eNlight VMs”, says Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST.

So what exactly is Cloud auto-scaling?

Mr. Probal DasGupta – “Auto scaling is one of the unique features of eNlight cloud, which is designed to provision Virtual Machines that can scale up using additional resources when their resource utilization nears a threshold limit. With eNlight computing, resources allocated to a VM can be automatically increased when load on the VM increases considerably, thereby degrading the performance of applications, portals or websites hosted on it; CPU and RAM being two examples of resources that can be auto-scaled this way. eNlight ensures that our clients don’t get any unexpected bills as limits can also be placed on the level to which resources are automatically scaled in order to maintain the monthly billing manageable as per client’s spend patterns and readiness.

“The best thing about auto-scaling from eNlight is that all of this is done without the need to reboot the VM, so no downtime! Furthermore, I believe, eNlight platform is one of the most intelligent around and when it detects that a VM is in need of extra power, more resources are pulled from the central pool that all VMs in the cloud derive their power from. As auto-scaling responds automatically to computing resource demands, the additional charges for a client will only appear for periods of high usage, as the specifications of the VM will return to their pre-determined levels once the load decreases”.

Probal’s explanation clarifies thatresources can be scaled up and down by eNlight as a percentage of resource consumption patterns. Scaling is done steadily, but is also fast and effective at the same time, as is the scaling down. As the scaling down happens, the allocated resources to the VM are moved back to the central resource pool, often during off-peak hours as this is when demand will be at its lowest. This has proven to be popular because it means that businesses using eNlight are truly only paying for what they are using and ensures that redundant resources aren’t costing them money.

“Although disk scaling isn’t available in the eNlight Cloud, we do offer a feature known as Elastic Storage that means you can add multiple disks to a single VM.  These disks can be attached and detached on the fly and between VMs, without any data loss.  This is why we believe that eNlight is one of the best options available for Disaster Recovery hosting”, said James Anderson, Sales Manager at bodHOST.


bodHOST Launches Zimbra as a Service Email Hosting Solution

bodHOST Zimbra as a Service

bodHOST, the technology leader in automated vertical scaling cloud computing, today announced the launch of its Hosted Zimbra Enterprise solution. bodHOST – a pioneer in the hosting business since 1999, and trusted partner for hosting almost 2 million domains worldwide – developed its Hosted Zimbra service to deliver a robust, reliable email solution with increased mobile functionality. bodHOST’s new Hosted Zimbra service is backed by its legendary customer support to help ensure rapid implementation and a “wow” customer experience.

The Email Challenge

Email has presented an increasingly complex management challenge on account of accelerated need for storage capacity, as well as tougher compliance requirements in the U.S. This has encouraged many companies to outsource their email services to third party operators. bodHOST helps such organizations through its Cloud-hosted Zimbra solution that is fit for mission critical reliability, complete security and total ease of operation making email management once again as easy as 1-2-3.

The key, perhaps,” muses the bodHOST CEO, Probal DasGupta, “is not so much Zimbra itself, which is nothing unique to bodHOST, but our zealous and almost obsessive customer support, which will provide a far greater degree of hand-holding that most companies anywhere. We will not make you open a problem ticket and flash a message that a reply will be forthcoming in 24 hours. At bodHOST you can actually call us at 4:00 AM in the morning and reach a live technician whose job is to help.” Knowing that such help is available on a 24x7x365 basis provides customers with the confidence they need to adopt this hosted email platform that is already proving to be a hit with corporations, who can now spend less time dealing with email issues and more time focusing on their core business.

A trustworthy email solution enables employees at all levels within the typical 21st century dispersed organization to stay connected and productive at all times, regardless of whether they are at their desk, at home or on the road,” says Vikram Jape, the Director of International Sales. “Our hosted Zimbra solution provides a feature rich environment that addresses every typical corporate need, and results in a robust and superior email and groupware product for our customers.

The Uniqueness of Zimbra

Zimbra presents end users with an incomparable browser-based experience that facilitates connecting seamlessly and securely to their personal clouds on any device or platform. Zimbra’s smarter mailbox manages data and action across their email, voice, social, calendar, address book, tasks and enterprise applications.

For more information on bodHOST’s hosted Zimbra solutions, please visit: Zimbra-as-a-Service

About bodHOST Hosting

bodHOST Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing is a focus, with enterprise clouds (public, private and hybrid clouds) in scope, all powered by bodHOST’s flagship, patent-pending eNlight cloud platform, which uniquely provides automatic vertical scaling of resources, matched by none other at this time. A range of cloud services, including Data Center as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service and Desktop as a Service, are offered, with persuasive cost options for small and medium sized businesses. The company’s server farm in their Chicago data center is currently being amplified to support this expected growth.

The presentation Demystifying Cloud Computing covers fundamentals of Cloud Computing, and highlights the various ways in which a cloud can be utilized, including interesting and amazing features of eNlight that benefit companies across the world.

Traditional Hosting Services

bodHOST will continue catering to its large body of traditional hosting customers through cost-effective dedicated servers, shared hosting (Linux and Windows), reseller hosting (Linux and Windows) and virtual private servers (Linux and Windows); and, will also continue to reward its large reseller network.

Disclaimer: The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

bodHOST Christmas OFFERS 2013 – Consumers gear up for X’mas countdown

bodHOST Xmas 2013

This year on Christmas, bodHOST has launched the new web hosting offers to extend our gratitude to all customers. BodHOST has always been on the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction and the Christmas offers this year are no different.

Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST, said at the launch of these special offers launch, “bodHOST considers each and every client as a good friend and we extend our best wishes to them for the season. In these successful years, our customers have made each working day a rewarding experience for us. I would like to thank all our clients for their belief in us, and I am sure all these special hosting offers from bodHOST would further enhance their association with us.”

“BodHOST has always ensured to offer the best services for all sized businesses and will keep offering the same in the future as well. This year, bodHOST has something new for your business on the occasion of Christmas. Along with the best deals on traditional hosting services, we are excited to see the response to our eNlight Cloud based services like Disaster recovery solutions, Sandbox-as-a-Service, Portal-as-a-Service, Desktop-as-a-Service, SaaS solutions (Zimbra Email Hosting, Office-as-a-Service), and SAP Hosting. eNlight cloud solution mainly focused on offering a high level of performance from virtual machines at very cost effective rates. eNlight allows you to manage your server resource allocation such as CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, Hard Disk space according to your requirements”, said Vikram Jape, a member of the bodHOST management team.

bodHOST is continuing 50% discount on shared hosting plans (promo code – BHSAVE50), for Reseller Hosting 25% flat discount available on any payment option (promo code – bodHOSTReseller), and 25% discount on R1Soft backup plan (Promo Code – bodSAFE).

Other impressive offers available on VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers such as $15.00 OFF on VPS Standard plan (promo code – VPSCloud15), $25.00 OFF on VPS Enterprise plan (Promo Code – VPSCloud25), $35.00 OFF on VPS Corporate plan (Promo Code – VPSCloud35) and 2 months free services for Annual agreement (Promo Code – VPSCloud2M).

On dedicated servers, bodHOST is offering $50.00 OFF on Intel Core 2 Duo i3-540 & Intel® Core™ i7-920 (Promo Code – DSSAVE50), $70.00 OFF on Intel Xeon E3-1230V2 & Intel Xeon E3-1270V2 HT (Promo Code – DSSAVE70), and $100.00 OFF on  Intel Xeon E5-2609 & Intel Xeon E5-2620 (Promo Code – DSSAVE100). Also 2 months free service option available for Annual agreement (Promo Code – DSSAVE17).

bodHOST has also got a new look, a revamped design which looks gorgeous and more professional. The new design mainly focusses on usability and simplicity. After landing on the home page, visitors would see two options – Cloud & Traditional Hosting, and can find everything about their requirements very easily, whether it is about the hosting account, new plan or solutions. All the newly designed aspects make bodHOST website an easy-to-use web hosting site on the Web.

Looking for a great deal? bodHOST announces Thanksgiving Offer

bodHOST, a pioneer in Cloud Computing, and one of USA’s leading hosting providers since 1999, today released huge discounts for Thanksgiving, with up to 50% savings on some of their most popular offerings including Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers.

The offer was announced by Niv Dasgupta, a member of the Board of Directors. “Thanksgiving is the time to give back to our beloved customers, for their immense faith in us. These offers are our way of showing gratitude for the support bodHOST has received since its inception. I hope that these discounts are enjoyed by every hosting fan, and I wish everyone a very happy thanksgiving from the entire team of bodHOST”, she said.

Offering up to 50% discounts on combo hosting, bodHOST is also extendingup to 50% discount on the invoice for the 1st month for all popular web hosting plans as well as for Windows and Linux VPS Hosting (using promo code “ThanksBod”).Other impressive offers include a 25% discount on the 1st month’s invoice for Dedicated Servers (using promo code “BHThanks”), a flat 25% discount on reseller hosting plans (using promo code “BHRTG25”); and, a 15% discount on R1Soft Backup Plan (using promo code “bodSAFE”). bodHOSTis also offering free domain name registration with every shared plan, for select extensions.

In closing the announcement, Dasgupta said that these deep discounts were meant to encourage organizations to take advantage of the serious benefits that Clouds and hosted services offered. “Cloud computing is a remarkable boon to any economy by virtue of the cost savings and business agility it offers to start-ups and established businesses alike.” She also recounted how the company’s recent foray into the hospitality business in New York had already brought significant benefits to restaurants that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy last year.

For more information on these offers, we have opened our email and phone hotlines: [email protected] and (+1) 866 662 0909.

Probal DasGupta, BodHOST CEO talks about Cloud Computing Today

Recently, in an interview with Mr. Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST Ltd, the Cloud was mentioned, which led to an insightful conversation about where “Cloud” really stands today. He said, “While a common perception of the Cloud is that it eliminates CapEx, the real advantages for a corporation are greater business agility, enhanced business transformation through more actionable intelligence, and enhanced business sustainability.

Excerpts from the interview:

What is the importance of cloud computing today?

Probal: It is one of the key technologies that can lead to total business transformation. Today, information is a vital asset in business, and Cloud computing enables many possibilities that are not otherwise available through traditional I.T.  For instance, there is a big drive towards Big Data and Business Intelligence. But it is the Cloud that can immediately help reduce the time between the generation of data and its availability to Management in the form of actionable intelligence. Ultimately, in today’s fast paced business climate, a lot depends on business ability, which is an organization’s ability to respond to external and internal change. Cloud computing directly contributes towards increased business agility by making I.T. resources instantly scalable and by implementing anytime-anywhere work culture across the board without any code modification, thereby making the organization more responsive.”

What advantages does the cloud offer to businesses?

Probal: Apart from greater business agility and enhanced scope for business transformation – which are the two big points I have already explained – the other major advantages are lower CapEx; lower cost; higher productivity; introduction of a culture of self-service which ends up freeing the organization from heavy dependence on the I.T. department for operations and decision-making; as well as, improved business sustainability through better and lower cost disaster recovery. Cloud brings in a never-before flexibility into the mix which enables organizations to address varied requirements by utilizing scalable capabilities of the cloud. Cloud has the ability to serve heavy workloads involving huge computational resources as well as acts as flexible resource pool for testing and other short term requirements.

What do you think about the cloud hosting sector in other countries?

Probal: Cloud sector is expanding everywhere quite rapidly, with maximum adoption in US & European regions, without losing ground in the great national opportunities they have. But in my opinion it still remains to be done completely, especially in the communication area where cloud solutions will support their involvement in other countries, because the cloud solutions are still mysterious things there.

What will be the next expected developments in cloud?

Probal: The Cloud revolution started with focus on lowering cost. Now it has moved its focus to increasing efficiency. In the next phase, Cloud computing will focus on improving innovation.

BodHOST™ VPS Server Grand Promo – 50% Off

VPS  Server Promo

BodHOST™ has today launched a 50% discount offer on the range of Windows and Linux Virtual Private Servers (VPS).  A VPS can offer an affordable and realistic alternative to dedicated server hosting, offer the same benefits and hosting environment at a fraction of the cost.  bodHOST™ firmly believes that there are multiple benefits for businesses when upgrading from a shared hosting package to and a larger virtualized hosting environment, and introduces this offer with a view of encouraging more adoption of the VPS technology.

bodHOST™ is one of the leading VPS hosting providers in the USA, and the range of Virtual Private Servers includes packages that are based on the vLite Linux platform and the Windows Hyper-V platform.

“Our range of service plans are designed with resource allocations that will meet customer needs at the correct price points so that we can guarantee value for money. This will also ensure that our customers are able to make the most of their hosting service. To enhance the hosting experience further, we at bodHOST™ also have our own 24/7 support team fully trained to deal with any issues that customers may present them with – this means that problems can be fixed quickly and efficiently at any time of day, thus minimizing the impact felt by the customer”. Said, James Anderson, Sales Manager at BodHOST™

With the price of a Linux VPS at just $29.99 a month and Windows VPS at $39.99 a month, bodHOST™ offers an affordable option for businesses that wish to upgrade from their existing shared hosting plans with the aim of expanding their online presence. A Virtual Private Server can provide a dedicated hosting environment that the users can customize to suit their own needs, removing the restrictions that can often limit a business’s opportunity to expand when using a shared hosting plan.  BodHOST™ also offers several add-ons that customers can use to enhance their VPS, such as control panels including Plesk and cPanel.

Customers wishing to take advantage of the 50% off offer with a bodHOST™ VPS server simply need to use coupon code “VPSCloud50” at the checkout once they have selected the VPS server of their choice.  For more information on this offer, users can email their queries to [email protected] or call on (+1) 866 662 0909.

bodHOST eNlight Private Cloud – The Pay As You Consume Enterprise Cloud

Having provided Public Cloud solutions for a long time, bodHOST is now offering Private Cloud services based on the patent-pending eNlight Cloud hosting platform delivering up to 99.95% uptime.

“bodHOST recognizes how important it is for businesses to continuously keep looking for cost effective solutions without compromising the quality of services. That’s why we work with our Private Cloud customers to develop a solution that is tailored around their requirements so that they are able to stay within their budget whilst receiving a hosting infrastructure that is supportive of their business considering current and future infrastructure requirements”, says Probal DasGupta, CEO at bodHOST LTD..

He further adds – “Our Private Clouds that utilize eNlight platform, are capable of delivering Virtual Machines (VMs) running both Windows and Linux, with enterprise class stability. Customers will also have access to the eNlight web-based control panel through which they can create and manage their VMs and entire Private Cloud”.

Reliability, Expandability and security are the key important factors for any web hosting setup. If a Private Cloud ever begins to run low on resources then additional servers can be added to the cluster in no time with assistance from bodHOST’s 24×7 support team. Clients can also create new virtual machines or extend the disk for existing virtual machines to accommodate higher disk space requirements.

eNlight is also able to offer auto-scaling on a per-VM basis so that additional demand can be fulfilled if the resources of a VM reach closer to the assigned limit. The intelligent eNlight platform automatically allocates additional resources from within the Private Cloud to improve the VM’s performance and capability of dealing with additional load.

“A Private Cloud is designed to offer more protection than what is available in the Public Cloud as no-one else will have access to the customer’s Cloud hosting cluster. Furthermore, every Private Cloud from bodHOST makes use of the latest security features and techniques to guarantee a hosting environment that would suffice for even the largest of businesses”, says Nitin Jadhav, CTO at bodHOST LTD.

bodHOST’s Private Cloud solutions are developed to meet a customer’s individual needs. If you are interested in learning more about the Private Cloud then email [email protected] or call sales department on (+1) 866 662 0909.

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